Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer fun, clothing optional (I guess)

Aidan was at church camp last week and had a great time.  He was able to go horseback riding, do archery (with real arrows Pop Pop!), water slides, and shaving cream wars and of course, learn more about the parables of Jesus.

One of the ideas he brought back for the girls (he is such a teacher type) was paint made out of corn starch, water and food coloring.

I put the girls in their swimming suits for easy clean up and we headed out to the backyard before the weather got too hot.  Alayna loved it and painted with Aidan for quite a while.

Dariya on the other hand, painted for about 3 minutes, dumped her cup of paint and then proceeded to wander off in the yard and strip buck naked. Yep, that is her swimsuit around her ankles!

That is how some of us do things here.  I think the Ukrainian way of having 30 layers of clothing on is a thing of the past for this girl!

She soon decided she wanted their pool filled up so she could skinny dip.   Glad you are enjoying your summertime Dariya!

Well done Aidan, you are a great teacher!


Becca said...

Oh, after being bundled up for the Ukraine for so long, I would think stripping a few layers would be the *only* way to go! I love how Aidan spends so much time teaching them. Can we borrow him?

EVELYN said...

They are so precious! I can't wait until ours are here and playing outside!Hugs!!!