Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reading IS fun!!!

Being a teacher, one of my worries when Alayna was born was that she would not learn to read.

You see to me reading is everything.  It transforms your world, it takes you places, it helps you navigate life, it builds your creativity and expands your horizons of knowledge.  You need to read to do most things in life.

So for my girl to be unable to do this was a horrible idea which haunted me for a couple months.  I then ran into an older couple in the grocery store who had a 24 year old son with down syndrome.  After talking to them for a few minutes they shared with me that he wasn't able to read and that they really thought the educational system had let them down (and no I didn't ask, because this only further fueled my fear!)

Leaving there I cried all the way home.  Jason thought I was a nut (which I just might be) but, I was determined to have my children be readers, good readers, excellent readers...well you get the idea.

So, from early on Alayna and I (and Dariya as soon as she entered the picture) have worked on language skills. I used the See and Learn program with her when she was little, have worked on sight words with them, have labeled things around the house and now we have begun our journey with the Learning program.  (Both programs are free downloads on their websites).

I can proudly say my girls are beginning to read.  Alayna understands that print means something and that words are the same even in different books.  Dariya is getting there but, little sister has the "I wasn't in an orphanage for 3 1/2 years, left alone to not learn a stinkin' thing" advantage.

Learning is a journey and I always think I haven't done enough with the girls but, somedays I look back at them and realize just how far they have come and I am super proud of each of them. 

Aidan came home from school this week and was excited to be a peer model for the kindergarten class.  He is helping them review and learn their ABC's.  He commented, "Mom, I am so impressed that Alayna and Dariya both know all their letters and sounds because these kids in kindergarten still don't know them all yet."  Yay team Cannon!

For your viewing pleasure, here is Alayna reading a new book.  We read it together twice in the morning and this was her third viewing of this particular book after her nap.  Pretty good stuff girlie!


Kim said...

I have the exact same thoughts on reading - if my children couldn't read, I would be so upset. Thankfully (knock on wood) they all LOVE to read and/or be read to, and I love to hear the big boys reading to the little kids.

Kim said...

STOP IT with the video!!! Rochelle! Alayna is doing SO great!!! I cannot handle her sweet little voice saying "watermelon" and "french fries". She is amazing!!

Becca said...

Woohoo, Alayna!!!! LOVE her reading, love her sweet little voice. :-) Great job!! I'm exactly the same way about reading, too - I was an only child, and completely lost myself in books from an early, early age. I was so terrified that Sammi wouldn't learn to read or to love books the way I did, and now I'm actually wondering how to tear her away from books for a bit to help with her social skills. Eh, guess we can't have it all...LOL

Jill said...

WOW! That is simply amazing!!! Go Alayna! And so very, very inspiring. She is doing so well!

It gives me hope for my boys. :-) Right now, Elijah's speech is so delayed...praying he gets to the point where he can be understood at some point. Good job, Mama!

Lacey said...

How old is Alayna again? Arina needs to start using words so she can learn to read! She has zero speech right now! She doesn't have a hard time communicating which I'm grateful for because she has so many signs!

RK said...

Good job Alayna! We are doing The Learning Program here, too. She has class once a month and we do the home stuff too. It's fun to hear Braska read Dr. Seuss. Something about her reading cat in the hat cracks me up... :o)