Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can I keep him mom?

Please Oh Please?
No we aren't getting a puppy for Christmas this was such a cute pic of Aidan (who I hardly ever catch on camera anymore) that I couldn't resist.  My brother's German Short hair had puppies so the kids have been thoroughly enjoying watching them grow over the past couple weeks.

Life here continues on as normal (as we get).  

The kids are excited for Christmas.  Although I am not sure if Alayna will make it to Christmas as she keeps pulling ornaments off the tree as fast as I can put them back up.  She was so great with them the past couple years and left them alone now she is doing it out of pure naughtiness.  She looks, runs, pulls and smiles all while throwing them.  STINKER!  Thankfully she hasn't reached any of my glass ones so she hasn't broken any.

Aidan has played a couple piano gigs this past week with his piano teacher.  One at the Metro Lutheran Ministries Christmas store.  People in need can come "shop" this store for Christmas presents for their kids for free.  Then last night they played at a retirement home close to our house.  It is so nice to see him use his God given talents to brighten someones day.

Jason is of course working later and later so the kids and I am missing spending time with him.  Thankful when Christmas Eve gets here at the close of the day his long days are finished.  So be nice to your UPS man/woman as they are working hard to get your packages delivered and probably missing their family too. ;)

The girls continue to make me laugh and entertain each other well.  One morning I sat back and watched them play for nearly an hour and a half without any input from me.  It was truly an amazing thing.  Alayna used to wait for me to pick a toy out of the toy box before she would play with one.  Since Dariya has come home they have both blossomed so much and the love they have for each other is easily evident.

Hope all is well in your world.  If you are still looking for that perfect Christmas gift...give the gift of life to an orphan pick any orphan on the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree and help them find their family.  I can't imagine our lives without Dariya and we would have never been able to bring her home if it wasn't for all the donations that helped us reach our goal.


Becca said...

Ha! That puppy is so, so tempting, isn't it?? Go on, play with it some more...take it home...LOL

Jill said...

Awww...too cute!

Sorry Alayna is giving you such a hard time about the tree. We've been doing pretty good here w/ our tree. I've poked the boys' hands a few times...that helped. But instead, Elijah grabs the string of lights or throws stuff AT the tree. "I'm not touching the "tree", Mom!" Sure, buddy. :-)

Continuing to pray for you, esp this next week. Sorry for being a bum about posting on your CB site lately. I'm still reading, crying and praying for you! You look great!

Heather said...

Well things sound full and beautiful your way and you, you continue to amaze.

Love and prayers flowing freely form California.