Monday, April 15, 2013

Cloudy day sewing fun?

Sunday afternoon was cloudy and overcast.  The girls were napping as they were worn out from the no nap trip to the park on Saturday, Sunday morning church and dance class following.

Aidan was looking for something fun to do and wanted to get out the lonely sewing machine that lives by herself in the basement storage room.  I had some old fabric and he decided he would surprise the girls by making them pillows.

He set the machine up. I threaded it, then re-threaded it the right way. Come on give me some slack it has been a while since I used it, remember those leg warmers last year I sewed for the girls?  Well the machine hasn't moved since.  

I started Aidan off and away he went.  He did all the sewing by himself.  Then he talked his dad into going to buy stuffing.  He then stuffed them and had them all ready to deliver when the girls woke up.

Alayna LOVED it, Dariya was not as excited. LOL
Although she marveled at it for a moment and then was off to play.

Little sister had to then try it out and gave it the nap seal of approval.
Well done Aidan.

He now wants to make some pillows for the cancer center patients.  
I guess we are off to the fabric store. ;)


Emily said...

What a big heart you have, Aidan! Great job!

rosedel said...

Aidan, it makes my heart happy to see what a thoughtful young man you are!

Cathy said...

What a terrific young man you are raising!

Jill said...

Awesome job, Aidan! What a blessing you are to your sisters and those around you.

Elisabeth said...

I love it! Aidan is such an awesome big brother!