Monday, January 20, 2014

Birthday party fun...Inclusion works

Saturday afternoon both girls were invited to a birthday party.

The guest of honor was a sweet, typical peer from their preschool class, "A".  They have both bonded with "A",she is an outstanding peer role model for the girls.

The girls were super excited about this swimming party and had been talking about it for the last couple weeks since we received the invitation.  I was a little worried that Alayna would miss as she had a cold that turned into a sinus infection late in the week (Thank you for antibiotics for both she and I as she shared her germs with me!)

When we arrived one of the little boys from their class (another typical peer) greeted us at the door with a huge hello and hugs for the girls.

Then it was on to greet "A" and give her the gifts the girls brought.

Cupcakes and apple juice sure make a party fun.  Dariya was even patient enough to wait until they sang Happy Birthday before eating.

Once they were finished with the food it was onto swimming.  Oh my did all the kids have a blast.

Here are the girls swimming with their boy buddy from class.  I think the teenage years might be crazy for us.

Here Aidan is swimming with Alayna and Dariya is swimming with Daddy.

Aidan brought a friend along so he could enjoy the afternoon also.

As a "retired" special ed teacher and principal and mom of girls with special needs, I highly stand behind the notion that inclusion works!

"A's" family is super sweet, was interested in our girls and Dariya's adoption story and wants to have play dates with the girls.  The mom couldn't imagine our girls not being with her daughter because of their down syndrome.  

If you don't think inclusion works, just look at how far Dariya has come since joining our family 2 1/2 years ago.  Sure I work with her but, she learns a ton of great skills from the peers in her class that I can't teach her at home alone.

My prayer is that we meet a LOT more families like this as the girls begin kindergarten in our home school (that will be a new school for them) next year.

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