Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Behavior and illness go hand and hand

Last Tuesday Alayna's independent therapists said she didn't have a very good day. In fact, the worst session they had seen from her since starting last June.  On Wednesday and Thursday she had negative behaviors with her school peers that couldn't be explained.

My mommy radar immediately knew she was getting sick.  Her sure tell sign of illness is bad behavior a few days prior.  Any of my ds friend's kids like this?

Sure enough she was ok on Friday as it was our first day of spring break, but she wasn't quite herself.  Then on Saturday the respiratory junk and fever kicked in.  By Sunday night she was up coughing ALL night long.

Thankfully she is starting to clear the junk out.

Hoping we can salvage at least the end of our spring break to get out and have some fun.  Poor Dariya is bored out of her mind but, she makes an awfully cute nursemaid.

Alayna only wanted her to hold her and Dariya quickly appeased her and sat on the couch like any good big sister would and patted Alayna until Alayna wanted to get up.

Oh, I am blessed.


Elisabeth said...

So precious! What sweet sisters!

Becca said...

Samantha is *totally* the same way - bad behaviors before she gets sick. We usually react to the bad behaviors first, then start to question *why* and realize that she may be getting sick, and then feel bad for reacting. LOL I just love, love, love how your beautiful girls interact and love each other. Beautiful. :-)