Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy gotcha anniversary!

Today we celebrate getting Dariya out of her orphanage THREE years ago.

I can't even believe that it has been that long.

She delights us everyday with her sweet smile and loving spirit.

I am so thankful that God took us on that journey to Ukraine.

My life is crazy most of the time but, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you dearly, Dariya!

Also, 13 years ago my sweet Englishman immigrated to the US.

I am extremely blessed and can't imagine life without either one of my foreigners!

God has put our family on the bench for adopting (suck it cancer) but he still calls us to help orphans.  I still think about those sweet children that we visited with each day while we were visiting Dariya for those 5 weeks.  Those faces still etched in my mind forever.

I can't physically save each of them but, I still can pray and donate to orphans.

We are helping our local church friends, Nancy and Todd Bartelt bring home their sweet Vera from China. We pray that you will honor Dariya by donating to the Bartelt's today.
To go to their tax deductible Reece's Rainbow link click  here.  

Every dollar counts and they still need to raise about $16K and will be traveling as early as July 30th!  So PLEASE donate today!

Dariya's gotcha day video still makes me cry!


Unknown said...

3 years! I can't believe it! Happy Gotcha Day! Prayers for your family and continued recovery for you Rochelle.

Emily said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Cannon Family!! And many more! :D

("suck it, cancer" LOL.)

rosedel said...

Wow, it seems like I was just reading about Dariya and your trip to pick her up! I keep you all in my prayers.

Jill said...

It really hasn't been 3 years since I carried a tiny (sweaty) Jonathan in an Ergo up & down a few hills in Kyiv to meet you, Jason and Dariya for borsch and vareniki, has it??? :-) So hard to believe! But what a fun time!

It looks like Dariya is doing so well. I was so amazed by that video you made for the girls' IEP meetings. You go girls!!

So blessed to have met you three. Pat still talks about driving down to see you, but not sure when that will happen. (And thanks for blogging her anniversaries. It helps me remember! LOL)