Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coming Home

Sunday, October 26, 2008
After jumping through all the hoops at the NICU for the past 2 weeks and 3 days....

We finally get to bring our little princess home. Big brother, Aidan can hardly wait to test out his skills at brothering. He packed up all of our stuff from the hospital and even pushed the cart out to the car.
Her red & white sweater and blanket outfit was made by my maternal grandmother, each one of my cousins and my siblings was brought home from the hospital in this outfit. It is 60 years old...
Alayna did very well coming home and immediately snuggled in for a sleep. She continues to nurse well.
On dismissal from the hospital she no longer needs her feeding tube, oxygen, has no heart defects, passed both hearing and vision screenings (with the help from big brother~ Aidan got to hold her as she took the hearing screening and was SO proud that he helped his baby sister pass), passed the car seat screening.
We are so thankful that our little girl is off to such a healthy start. Thank you for all your continued prayers for our family.

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ch said...

WOW, AIDAN!!! What a super big brother you are. I am sure Alayna thanks you for bringing her home everyday. What a lucky girl she is. We are so happy for your crew and giggle whenever we look at Alayna's happy bathtime face.

Can't wait to see you on the 8th, if not before!

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