Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Doctor's visit

Wed. October 29, 2008

Today Alayna got to meet her pediatrician, Dr. Rozina for the first time. She wanted to assess Alayna before she ever gets sick and check her weight. YAHOO! Alayna has plumped up to a nice 5 pounds 6 oz.
All is well she is eating every 3 hours but still not waking up to eat. Although, she is more alert now when we wake her to feed.


Anonymous said...

Rochelle & family-
Alayna is beautiful. You will remain in our prayers that everything continues to go well and that she continues to gain and nursing continues going well. Try to get some sleep...ha!

Emily Bredfield & family

Eucatas said...

Jason, Rochelle, Aidan & Alayna-
How exciting to be able to be updated and with pictures! :) Alayna is beautiful and Rochelle you looked awesome in your hospital pic below (I always looked like I had been in a bar fight after delivery...and I don't even go to bars :)
We are so excited that God is blessing that baby girl with health (especially getting all that good nursing!!) We will continue to pray for her growth and development.

Much love,
Todd, Andrea, Brackston & Kendall Young