Monday, January 5, 2009

Can't they stay longer?

Alayna is doing tummy time on Pop Pop (ok, it doesn't really count for tummy time as she was just sleeping on his shoulder but it sure was a great excuse Pop Pop used while he was here.)

We had to take Grandma and Pop Pop to the airport today for them to fly back to Brownsville. Alayna and Aidan are heartbroken. All the way home in the car Aidan kept repeating his mantra, "I miss Grandma and Pop Pop, couldn't they stay another day" while Alayna slept.

But, don't think for a minute that Alayna doesn't miss them. She was giving them the cold shoulder by not looking at them when they were trying to say good bye today and give her hugs and kisses (an old trick Aidan taught her so he doesn't cry).

Grandma thought for sure that Alayna would be so spoiled she wouldn't put herself to sleep anymore. However, for both naps today she has laid right down and drifted off to sleep on her own. (I am thanking God for that miracle) because let me tell you folks those grandparents got hold of our sweet baby and you had to pry their fingers apart to take her back.

In all seriousness, we had a wonderful 2 weeks with my parents enjoying the holidays and the kids. We were very thankful they flew up to be with us.
Aidan is really looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. He said it has been a really nice Christmas break but, even though he loves me he gets to see me everyday so without Grandma and Pop Pop here he thinks it will be good to go back to school. (Spoken like a true, independent 5 year old).
Alayna is SO big compared to just 2 months ago when we brought her home from the NICU, We haven't had her weighed in a while but our guess is over 10 pounds by now and well over 21 inches long. She is fitting into 0-3 month clothes with no problem and some of them she won't be wearing too is amazing how tiny she was and how fast she is growing.
We made clay imprints of her hands and feet the other day just to remember how tiny they are. We know to well (looking at Aidan's huge feet) that soon enough she will be big before we know it.
She starts school (Infant Development Center) on Wednesday. I will update you and let you know how it goes.
Please lift us in prayer for peace on Wednesdays as our schedule will be a bit crazy...Morning Bible study then I have one hour to get home get all 3 of us fed, get Aidan on the bus for afternoon kindergarten and drive Alayna to IDC for her afternoon therapy class. AHH...

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Elise said...

I guess Aunt Lece needs to stop by and spoil her now.