Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Vertical

Hey everybody look at me...I am sitting in the tub!

Here is a comparison shot in the same bath seat. Alayna 8 months old (check out those rolls, I think she is going to sign up for the fall sumo wrestling league, and all that hair) below is Aidan and Grace (he is 6 1/2 months and Grace is 10 months~Aidan just had blonde fuzz).
Aidan & Alayna were both so excited to try out her bath seat. Aidan washed off the dust as it has been in storage since he was little. Then we put them in the tub. As you can tell she was all smiles for not laying down in the tub and being able to play more with Aidan while they were in there.

Alayna slept in until 8:20 this morning after her long day yesterday with family. She was all rested to show her new stuff to Erin at PT this afternoon.

Erin was really impressed with Alayna's sitting. We didn't have PT for the past 2 weeks because of conferences and Erin being sick so she hadn't worked with Alayna in 3 weeks. She just couldn't get over how well she is sitting and even catching herself before falling over. Alayna is sitting for about 10 seconds without support on her own.
Alayna even got onto all 4's over the Boppy pillow without any support from Erin. She remained on her hands and knees for several minutes. Then Erin had her rock back and forth which Alayna loves, she beams her big, gummy smile at you which you can't help but smile back.
Alayna then topped it off by showing Erin that she knows the routine of getting from laying down to moving to her side and pushing herself up into a sitting position (although she can't complete it without support she definitely knows the pattern and as soon as her strength is built up enough she will be able to do this alone).

Our homework for the week is to continue working on sitting, work on side sitting, and transitioning in and out of sitting.

We are having a girls weekend this weekend as Jason & Aidan are going to southern Missouri camping and canoeing with some other dads and kids from church.


ch said...

Way to GO, LaynaLoo! Let us know if you ever need a bath buddy! You silly girlies are easy to entertain...What a star you are!

K D said...

so cute! We love the big smile and she is sitting so pretty!