Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just trying to stay cool...

After a week with heat indices between 105-115 we are roasting here.

My poor UPS man has been so hot each night when he arrives home that he hasn't even had the energy to get in the car and go to one of our pools. So, he broke down today and bought a splash pool for the backyard (it is for the kids, of course but, guess who was first in after Aidan?) Aidan picked out the turtle for Alayna. The 2 of them splashed around and enjoyed the sunny day.

Here is a video of Aidan giving Alayna a ride...note her giggling. She LOVES her big brother!

Aidan is doing well with swimming lessons, working on the freestyle now. He finishes those up midweek and as Alayna doesn't have baby classes this week (only her home OT on Tuesday morning) we will spend some time at the pool and maybe catch up with our friends we had to cancel on when Aidan was sick...

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