Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday

~A great family day on Sunday celebrating Jason and my dad!

~Adding Sempala to our family.

~England made it through to the next round in the World Cup (seriously, I could care less but that handsome guy I live with is MUCH happier!) Oh yea I better throw in the US making it through too for all you football fans!

~Jason, Aidan & Alayna's sense of humor! At anytime during the day one of them is laughing and making us all laugh, life is sweeter with the sound of laughter...

~Homemade applesauce Aidan & I have made from our very own little apple tree in our yard.

~That Monday didn't end up like last Monday, even though Alayna fell and nearly bit through her tongue to start the day off it was a great rest of the day! (Next week we are skipping Monday so we will meet you on Tuesday =) )

Hope you are having a terrific week and have a thing or two to be thankful for....share if you like.


stephanie said...

AHHH, my hubby is from Poland and has been driving me slightly nuts with the World cup. He is disgusted for the most part, but still watching. i do believe he was routing for England since his homeland was no where to be found! LOL

RK said...

We're completely free of World Cup interest or knowledge, even though I used to coach soccer! Light years ago! (And you got me all excited when I scanned your post the first time and saw "football fans"! I'm like "Oooh! Football season is almost here!!! Then I read more closely and saw that you weren't referring to REAL football. :o) ha!

Thankful that this week, a VERY busy week, is almost over, though it's been full of good things. I'm exhausted though!

(And Braska would be happy to personally deliver your winnings...we need to get something on the schedule!)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for Jamie coming thru surgery with flying colors!!!!