Friday, September 6, 2013

Just 7 words

Alayna has had lots of language from an early age. At home she speaks clearly and often but other places  she picks and chooses to use it or to remain quiet.

You could say she got the gene for stubbornness.

To my knowledge she still isn't talking that much at school.

When school began we increased the girls dose of curcumin and are defintely seeing a language explosion from both girls.

Yesterday as I was cleaning up the breakfast table I heard a sweet little voice calling from the living room. "Mommy, will you come play with me?"

Even though I know Alayna is totally capable of using this kind of sentence structure to request something this particular sentence took me off guard. My little girl was for the first time ever formally requesting me to come play with her.

It was such a happy moment for me.  I even had tears in my eyes when I told Jason about it at lunch.

The dishes would have to wait, my girl was using great language to beckon me.  After we played a while we practiced her using this sentence to ask her school friends to play.  I hope it works.

Having children with special needs makes us appreciate every tiny milestone.

We celebrate them all.

Way to go, Alayna!


Jill said...

That's awesome!! Way to go, Alayna! I FINALLY started Elijah on curcumin this week. Ramping up slowly. Hope we see the same results.

Elissa said...

What is the idea behind the curcumin? Sounds like it has been a big help. Is it used mostly just for speech, or other stuff too? Sorry I have never paid much attention to the use of supplements.

Jamie Wooddell said...

What dosage do you have Alayna on?

Becca said...

LOVE it!!! Those kinds of sentences are just so perfect in so many ways. Now, just wait until she starts putting *humor* into'll never be expecting it, and then Whammo! :-) I'm curious about the curcumin, too...