Friday, October 4, 2013

We did it! A successful dentist visit.

Today was the girl's dental check up.

They have been in to have their teeth cleaned 4 times.

Our dentist isn't a pediatric dentist but, he is awesome and has other patients with down syndrome so knows that you have to make the patient totally comfortable with the visits before you can ever try a cleaning.

Two years ago on Dariya's first visit (fall after she came home) she screamed like someone was trying to kill her just at the idea of being in the dental chair.  I have to be honest, at that moment I never thought she would allow a total stranger to look into her mouth.

It took me 11 months to work her into using a power toothbrush and I am so glad that I persisted in this. Her teeth were pretty stained from the tea and non brushing that happened at the orphanage.

Thankfully today both girls had glowing reports.  Very clean teeth, no cavities and Dariya's staining is even gone!  YAHOO!

Alayna let them use the power polisher while Dariya stayed with the safe toothbrush.  Both girls made me proud in getting in the chair by themselves, laying back and holding their mouths open.
I am thankful to my mom for tagging along as back up.

We did it!  Proud of you big girls and I know they were proud of themselves!


Becca said...

Ohmygosh, I'm so proud of them too!!!!!! This is so exciting to read, and gives me hope that one of these days, with enough preparation and coaching, Sammi can do that, too. We made huge strides at her last visit, so I hope it's just a matter of time and maturity. Great report on your awesome girls!!

Mrs. Lost said...

Such big girls! Cheers to a great visit. Whew.. :)

Unknown said...

Your girls did a good job, Rochelle! It's common for kids to throw tantrums whenever they are to sit on a dentist's chair as the whole experience is alien to them. But it's great to hear that your dentist has the skills to handle your daughters and execute the needed procedures on their teeth. It's great to find a dentist that can address your needs while considering your situation. Congratulations!
Billie @ Peak Family Dentistry

Unknown said...

Your daughter needs more time, I guess. You can't blame her for saying “no” because she's definitely quite afraid of the procedure. That's what some children feel when they visit their dentist. However, her first visit was a bit different. Even though she resisted on opening her mouth, she were still able to experience what it feels like to be on that chair. I'm sure she will go for it soon.

Gus Eckles @ Dr. Thomas Seal

Stormy Glazier said...

It’s nice to hear about the progress, Rochelle. The mouth is pretty sacred, especially for some kids. And seeing them slowly warming up to the whole setup has no doubt made you proud. :) Just keep familiarizing them with the tools and teaching them oral care routines at home.