Monday, April 14, 2014

Busy but fun weekend

April seems to be crazy busy for us between church, school, piano, soccer, dance, recitals, birthdays and everything in between.  We are booked solid.

This weekend was no different.

Saturday morning the boys headed to Aidan's soccer game while the girls and I took in the Easter egg hunt at our church.  It was a beautifully sunny day for being outside!

One girl was hopping over to maul hug the bunny while the other one was a little standoffish.

They soon got to business harvesting eggs.  There were hundreds of them!

My child who usually doesn't care for sweets too much decided to plop down and investigate a York peppermint pattie.

One taste and she was in heaven...she decided the hunt was over she was going to chow down on the treats!

Alayna decided hunting eggs wasn't fun enough so decided to practice her dance moves!

Once Dariya was cut off the chocolate she decided to throw a fit cry a bit.  
Dominic to the rescue!  He is a peer model in their pre K class and also is in Sunday school classes with them.  He said, " Come on Dariya" and away they went to the play set, happy as can be!

Is this the cutest?
I told his mom to expect a double date for prom.;)

Sunday brought church, a dance competition for the girls and more volunteering at church for Aidan and I, some birthday shopping for the soon to be 11 year old (more on that later) and another soccer game that thankfully, darn the bad luck was canceled due to the thunderstorms ;)

I love that I caught Dariya in mid jump!  So cute!
Both girls LOVE dancing and love performing!

The crowd always goes crazy when the girl's dance troop comes on.

We are blessed to have such a great set of volunteers to work with our girls.

What a busy but, fabulously fun weekend we had.
We hope your weekend was super fun too!

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Cindy said...

Love that smile in the last photo! You really were busy over the weekend. Happy Easter!