Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I guess most people have a favorite stage of child development. Some of my friends love the baby stage and would keep their child a newborn forever, other friends like the toddler stage (after potty training, of course) and still a few of my friends enjoy the preschool stage best. What stage do you like best?

As for me I think each stage is great, I don't know how it can get any better... then along comes another stage and boy that one is equally as great. I really don't look back with sadness that any stage is over rather I am content with enjoying the moment in front of me.

I remember when Aidan was little I enjoyed watching him grow and learn each day. Being a first time mom I thought, "oh this is the best stage and what he is doing is SO cute" but, a few days or weeks went by and I found myself enjoying where he was at that moment even more than the last one.

I find myself doing the exact same thing with Alayna. Maybe I love living in the moment and soaking in all the time with my children as I know they won't be little forever. Or maybe it allows me not to over worry about the future as I know we are on a great path and that God is always watching over us. Or maybe it is my education background I really enjoying seeing each of my babies grow and learn.

Some people's hobbies are watching television, reading, going out with friends or a myriad of other things but, I truly enjoy spending time with my family and soaking in all the goodness that comes with it. I could let the world pass by outside as I bask in each moment with Aidan & Alayna.

After 16 wonderful months with Alayna I can truly say I have enjoyed every day and am looking forward to what tomorrow brings. She continues to amaze us each day with the beautiful person she is inside and out.

~Here are just a few things she is doing that melt my heart in this stage~

patting you sweetly as she hugs you tight, giving you many kisses each day, signing baby then going to get one of her baby dolls and mothering them, crawling after Aidan as fast as she can even up the stairs, bringing books to you and crawling in your lap to read with her, endless hours of peekaboo, and row, row, row your boat in the laundry basket provides belly giggles galore, those cute little fingers that wave hi and bye, and of course that sweet smile...

Happy 16 months Alayna,

I am blessed.

I love being your mom

and watching you grow.


Lacey said...

I don't know if I have a favorite stage either, but I can say I've loved having Jaxson as a baby for the last 4 years!

Beverly said...

such a sweet post. Happy 16 months.

Lori said...

Happy 16 months! I agree - all stages so far have been exciting, and challenging.

Kim said...

Well said, Momma! Happy 16 Months, Alayna!

Sara Bell said...

You are so sweet! I am the same way... I do love every moment and I could sit and watch Lola all day and not get bored... I mean I do sometimes find myself chatting an adults ear off when Im around them because its the first adult interaction I have encountered that day, but I love it all and I am so excited to see what tomorrow brings. God bless Miss Alayna and the Cannon family at that!