Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week in review~

Been a busy week so here is a run down of the whole week in review for you.
Aidan's parent teacher conferences went really well. He is soaring above the bar for all his academics and continues to excel in all areas. His teacher really enjoys having him in class (even when he talks a little too much)!
He had Monday off for President's day. My niece, Grace also spent the day with us which was super fun. She and Aidan are 3 months apart in age and like siblings. I imagine what it would be like to have twins when I have these two together, then I thank God that he only gave me one at a time! :)
Thankfully UPS was still delivering while the kids were out, as BIG Sarah struck again...the kids had a box of goodies from our sweet friends. THANKS for the love, sweets and spoiling our kids~

Jason had most of the week off due to a back/neck strain. Thankfully it is nothing serious but, we didn't get in much extra daddy time as he was either at the chiropractor, the doctor, resting or at work filling out papers.

Alayna has had some fun this week. She continues to be the hit at Bible study. They love having her and dote on her so. She decided that she loves playing memory and matching the cards to one another. She also can now find your nose & mouth when asked.

Finally this morning while we waited for Aidan to warm up for his basketball game, Alayna took a moment to show off her swollen gums. She has been working hard this week on getting in a few molars. As red and swollen as they are I would think she would be a grump but true to Alayna form she is still happy go lucky and doesn't seem to be bothered by them much.
Notice she has one of those pacifiers that they give newborns at the hospital. Neither of the kids have ever used a pacifier. We have been pretending to use it on her baby dolls but, she found that it is the perfect gummy texture and strength to work on her molars. Whatever works baby girl!

Aidan's team won again today. It is really fun to watch them get better each week.

We are in for more snow & ice tonight and tomorrow so who knows maybe we will have another snowman to show off by the end of the weekend.
We hope your weekend is a great one!

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Lacey said...

We will be starting baseball soon, I'm so excited! Those nipples are perfect for cutting teeth on!