Monday, February 22, 2010

Surprise for the kids

As Jason had to be cleared by the doctor to return to full duties at work tomorrow he opted to take the rest of the day off after his appointment and surprise the kids. (His back and neck are doing much better, he will still have pt on them 3 times this week).

He first surprised Aidan by taking him lunch. Aidan came running down the hall and gave him a huge bear hug. They invited Grace and had a nice meal together.

Then when Alayna woke up from her morning nap...SURPRISE daddy was home and ready to go to baby class with us.

She enjoyed teaching daddy all the songs in music class.

Shakers are a favorite for sure. "Like this daddy!"

But, Alayna's ALL time #1 favorite activity in music class is to play and sit on the BIG drum!!!

What a great day!
Thanks daddy for spending the day with us~


Lacey said...

How great to have daddy there! My boys love it when daddy surprises them by being home during the week.

Sara Bell said...

I love the video! She is getting so big! I love the way Jason says ear! Miss you guys! And music class...I wanted to start Lola but I didn't know when was a good age...Suggestions?

Lori said...

What a great treat! My kids love it when Daddy is home. Apparently he is way more fun than I am =)