Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to school for everyone

Last night we had back to school night for our big 3rd grader.  Aidan was totally nervous super excited to meet his teacher.  Once he stepped into Ms. Hale's room though and she had popcorn on the desk for all the kids he knew she was going to be his favorite teacher ever!  Popcorn is his all time favorite snack!    He seriously was so nervous that when she said, "Bye Aidan, nice to meet you, see you on Monday"  he didn't know what to say.  Oh dear, does my boy worry or what.

Today after thinking about the evening he is really excited to start on Monday and looking forward to 3rd grade.  But, he still keeps reminding me that I won't know what to do without him around here.    (You know besides duck whispering he is a pretty good toddler whisperer!)

Today I had the pleasure of welcoming Alayna and Dariya's preschool teacher, Ms. Juanita and the Early childhood facilitator, Mandy to our home to begin the paperwork process to get the girls ready to transition from their current placement at the LeeAnn Britain center to the school district's preschool in October. 

Last year when we went to visit the school districts preschool we were blessed with meeting Mandy and Juanita and knew our daughter(s) would be in great hands.  Then we learned that Juanita has a 22 year old son who also sports that extra chromosome. 
How cool is God that he placed this sweet lady in just the right place that she will be our girls' early childhood special educator?  Amazing, we are truly thankful for the blessing of awesome teachers.
The girls will begin the school district's preschool on Monday and Fridays so that the staff can begin the process of testing and evaluating the girls so we can have their IEP's (Individualized Education Plans) ready to go by the time Alayna turns 3 in October when they will transition completely over to the school district and go Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Can't believe all my babies are growing up....time goes SO fast.  Tomorrow Dariya will be home with us one month already! 


The Annessa Family said...

Wow! Big girlies! It sounds like you have a great school system!


Stephanie said...

School!!! I cannot wait to see them in school! They are going to rule the classroom! i would have sooooo much trouble NOT having "favorites" if they were in my class. :)

Renee said...

I am right there with you, Rochelle. Jack got all twitterpated when he had to say, Hi Mrs. Delaney, nice to meet you.... I thought I was gonna have to catch him and whip out the smelling salts...I know they will all do fine, but sometimes, sometimes I wish I could just freeze time and let them be little forever...but then I come back to my senses immediately... love you friend. take care and tell that Padawan he is gonna do awesome!

Anonymous said...

I remember when that sweet baby boy was born - hard to believe he is already in 3rd grade!!! A little BIG news from our end - We will be living 3 hours closer to you guys starting in 2 weeks!!! You know what that means?!?! Get ready for a "Big Sarah" and Nate visit SOON!!! Love and Miss you ALL!!!