Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We are finally back online

After a week and a half of no internet we are happy to be back online.  Although I must admit the fasting from blogging, FB, email etc was kind of nice.  It gave us plenty of time to spend together as a family.   

Life is chugging along well. 
The girls are doing well at the school district preschool.  Dariya only acted like “Taz” one time during last Friday’s class.   They did a theme on dinosaurs and Alayna immediately showed me her teeth and growled (which is her sign for dinosaur) when I picked her up.

They also started preschool at IDC on Tuesday.  Alayna LOVES her teacher Ms. Ann, whom she has had since she was a wee one and was super excited to see all her friends at big kid school. 
 I know we are blessed beyond measure to have two great schools and such caring, Christian teachers helping our girls soar.
Dariya's teacher, Ms. Janie commented that "she has a lot of energy"  Haha.  I guess she kept them on the go.   She did well also and separated from me with no hesitation and was really happy to see me when I returned.

The girls also had their first dentist appointments which went really well.  Their dentist looked at their teeth and did some fun stuff like counting their teeth and showing them what all the instruments do.  Dariya was cracking up at the water spray in her mouth and the “mister slurpy” suction straw.  Overall, they both have good looking teeth with no signs of cavities.    This is a relief because Dariya’s teeth were pretty stained when we were in Ukraine, I am assuming from all the juice they allowed her.  Her breath also always had a vinegar scent but, since we have been home and she loves brushing all that is gone.
Aidan is doing great in 3rd grade.  He continues to be a book worm.  Everywhere we go he has a book with him.  He started the Harry Potter series and is fascinated.  He is also excited to start piano back next week too.

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to while we were offline. 

We have several fabulous nature centers within minutes of our house.  Saturday morning was overcast and cool so we took the opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors.   We nearly had the whole place to ourselves.  We arrived just in time for the caretaker to be taking the birds of prey and the owls out on walks and to their enclosures. 
He was super knowledgeable about the birds and taught us tons about these animals.

Dariya catches her first ride (sit) on the bike with Uncle Ed

We scored a sand/water table for $2 at a garage sale and the kids LOVE it!


Patti said...

that is AMAZING about no cavities for Dariya! Praise God! Looks like you guys are having a fabulous summer..I'm so happy for you, friend:)

Renee said...

Just beautiful. I love these pictures! Glad to have you back, friend!

Melissa said...

Love the pictures, and glad the dentist appt went well! That seems to be a tricky one for so many kids. Gotta love garage sale bargains too!

EN said...

Aunt Leanne would be so proud of the empahsis on oral hygiene! Keep up the good work, ladies! As Aunt Leanne says, "A clean teef is a happy teef!"

Jenny Draeger said...

With Dariya being such a water baby I bet she loved the sprayer and sucker at the dentist. Her face must have been quite memorable.