Monday, October 1, 2012

2 steps forward, 1 step back and the potty training continues...

As the kids were off school the end of last week for conferences, I decided to go full steam ahead on getting Dariya out of pull ups.

Last spring she was letting me know when she needed to go potty.  However, I think the pull ups that she wears have caused her to become lazy and just not have to think about stopping to use the potty.  After all they are more like a diaper than panties.

I never used pull ups on Alayna she just went straight into panties at 2 and never looked back. With Aidan I used them for naps only because he too figured out quickly that they were just like a diaper.

Day one wasn't super successful as she had 2 or 3 accidents. But, she helped me clean up and she then put new panties on.  Day two was much better she only had one accident late in the day close to dinner time.  Day three she had one accident (on grandma's lap, sorry gma!) and day four was accident free.  She is getting to the point where I can say, "potty time" and she will go in and go all by herself.

I got really brave on Sunday morning and decided we would attempt to go to church in panties.  Well what do you know.  Dariya did it!  She even let me know during class time when she had to potty.

I debated sending her to school in panties this morning, knowing that she is far more successful when I am in close proximity.  But, she has all the skills to pull her pants down and up, get on and off the potty, and wash her hands all by herself so now is as good a time as any.

She sat on the potty a long time before she left and did her business and made it through almost the whole morning, 25 minutes before time to come home she had 2 accidents within 10 minutes of each other.

This has been a slow and steady process with Dariya as she was very traumatized by how they made her stay on the potty in Ukraine until she produced.  She has come a long way this year.  We know there will be more accidents but, we also know that she understands and is making great progress.

Thanks to the great EC team that wants to see her succeed as much as we do.

Looking forward to the day when we have no more accidents!
"Did you hear the news? I am wearing panties?"


Lacey said...

So close sweet girl! I have no idea when to even start with Arina. She has a little potty that she will sit on before a bath, but she has no idea what its for, and doesn't seem to have any idea what the potty is! So I don't even know where to begin. I guess wait until she tells me!

Rachel said...

It has been a struggle with Aubrey too, but I'm getting closer to just jumping in and doing the panty thing too. Keep up the faith momma!

Erin said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It sounds like Dariya is getting the hang of it though. You saying she has all the skills to do it on her own had me thinking. Lucas can't even pull his own pants down or up. I just wish I saw some progress.

Jill said...

She will get there! (Can I just say you were spoiled with your first 2? :-)) Love her hair! Too cute!!!