Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Family pictures

Our sweet friends at SOMA photography blessed us with fall pictures.  It was a beautiful day at the park, all until Dariya decided she would take her glasses off and throw them in the lake.  

I am blessed.


She loves the camera

My baby boy is growing up too fast

Here she is trying to make her escape after throwing her glasses in the lake.
Thank you Sophia and Thelma, you have no idea what a blessing these are to us.


Holly said...


Elisabeth said...

What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

ch said...

Oh my good grief. I saw Dariya's expression on LC's face as I was chasing her naughty buns down the street this afternoon. Somehow Dari achieves an irresistible effect that LC did NOT.

Love them ALL...LaynaLoo the cover girl and that grown up boy I certainly do NOT recognize.

Gorgeous. The whole lot of ya.

EN said...

She threw her glasses in the lake?!?! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I'm sorry. It's not funny. It's just SO ornery! That's like when Leanne hid her retainer when she was younger...she got herself a permanent one after that. Years later the cleaning lady found it. Leanne's explanation: It was sleeping. Apparently the retainer just needed a long siesta. Just like Dariya's glasses. Love it!!!

Jess said...

Hi! I'm visiting from your comment at the Bates Motel. I'm always interested in trying to connect to other parents who have kids with disabilities. As a step-mom for a year and a half, I'm mostly out of my league with my 11-year old - like all the time. Haha

Did you get your daughter's glasses back? We recently got Ciena some brand new ultra cute glasses. Two weeks later she snapped them on the bus on the way to school. I'm still not ready to get her new ones. :-/ How do you keep your daughter to keep hers on her face and not playing with them???

Unknown said...

ooo no didnt realise you had glasses drama but still the pictures are awesome!

Kelli said...

Such beautiful pictures!!!!