Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy 4th birthday, Alayna!

Four year ago today a beautiful treasure graced our home.
You surprised us at birth and are so much more than a 'syndrome'.

You continue to amaze us everyday,
conversations galore and reading already, NO WAY!

Your giggle is contagious as anyone can see,
your antics hilarious and a bit cheeky.

God knew just what we needed when he handed us you,
a tiny package of love that is beautiful and true.

We love you and can't wait to celebrate you today
you are a blessing and over you we pray.

Now bring on the party, presents and sprinkle cake.
"Yummy, Yummy" you say of this you will partake.

Alayna Faith, may you follow God's path laid before you
soaring high for the dreams you choose to pursue.

Happy 4th birthday, smoochies, hugs and love
we are thankful daily for this  precious gift from above.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy, Aidan and Dariya


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday you beautiful , beautiful girl!

Wishing you a day filled with fun and laughter and lifetime of blessings . We feel so lucky to have found here in Blogland and we look forward to watching you grow and blossom for a long time to come.

Heather said...

Um, one of Zoey's big sisters left herself signed it! Oops.

Anyway, big California loving coming to you on your special day sweet girl!

LaShawn said...

Four years already! Wow! Happy Birthday Alayna!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday beautiful little girl, have a great day love from Aunt Trudy Uncle Garry Brad lew bella & Honey xxx

Jill said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Alayna!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Lori said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Alayna!!!

Emily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALAYNA! "Happy Birthday to You!" is one of Josie's favorite songs. We'll be singing it for you today!

Lacey said...

Happy Happy birthday beautiful girl! I hope its been a great one!!

Cammie Heflin said...

Happy Birthday Alayna!!! We love you!

Unknown said...

Shame on me! How did i not see this! I know Alayna is part of the October 08' club!!!

happy Birthday Sweet Pea! All our love to you as you celebrate turning FOUR!!!!!!