Monday, February 4, 2013

A fun night at the kids museum

When Aidan was little he and I used to visit the children's museum weekly and he absolutely loved it. 

 I haven't worked myself up to get brave enough to tackle taking the girls there by myself yet.  So, when our sweet friend invited us for their church's museum night we were very excited to go and try it out.  We loaded all of us up, Nannie included and headed out for a couple hours.  

The girls checked out a couple rooms but, quickly honed in on the "ball room" which was always Aidan's favorite.  Guess it runs in the family.  They (Aidan included, he was on the other side building ramps with the bigger kids) played with the golf balls and jumps and ramps nearly the whole time we were there.  

Dariya and Daddy race on the ski jump.  Here she is doing  a little "I beat daddy" dance

Alayna cheers herself on as she shows Nannie how it's done.
I foresee a membership again in our future....

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