Thursday, March 7, 2013

The pirate look is in

The girls had their check up with the ophthalmologist Tuesday morning.  Dariya's glasses are working well and her eyes look really good.

However, Alayna's left eye has amblyopia (lazy eye) it turns in slightly especially when she is tired, even with her glasses.  The doctor originally tried the glasses hoping that would solve the problem.

The doctor admitted that her amblyopia isn't too bad but she didn't want to ignore it and have it get worse. We will patch her right eye for 5-6 hours daily in hopes that her brain will get her left eye working up to full strength.  We will follow up in May with the ophthalmologist.  Praying that the patching works quickly!

We are hoping that this takes care of the issue and that she doesn't need any further correcting like surgery.

Thankfully when I showed her a patch she immediately related it to a little girl that goes to our church who uses patches.  When the time came for me to put a patch on she was all ready and prepared then after about 5 minutes she wanted it taken off.  However, she was easily distracted and left it alone and went off to school and came home happily wearing the patch.  I intended to take it off right when she arrived home but she didn't seem bothered by it and didn't ask about it so I left it on for another hour then took it off.

Once off she wanted it back on.  Funny girl.  I am guessing she got some extra attention at school today from it and loved the attention.

Hope each day goes as smoothly.


Kim said...

She's the cutest little pirate I've seen! Good luck with the patch!

Becca said...

Oh, my, what a fabulous smile to go along with her newest fashion accessory! Do you think she'll be willing to part with it when the time comes? Too cute! Hope it works its magic...

Julie said...

Too cute!

(Of course, we are partial to pirates in this house ;) )

Erin said...

She's adorable! It always makes these things easier when they don't mind or take much notice. Glad it's going well!