Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great day!

Today has been another great day. I have the BEST job in the world! I do SO love my kids...

Aidan, Alayna & I played all morning and got out and enjoyed the beautiful, warm day.

Then this afternoon Alayna had her individual physical therapy session. As she was well rested and full just before we started she had a great session and showed her PT, Erin all her amazing tricks. She even did the roll over trick for her. Homework for this week is continuing to get Alayna to hold her head mid line and bring her arms to mid line and grab or touch toys etc.
Alayna and I also stopped by to visit great-grandma. Alayna just smiles & smiles for her.
Alayna is getting stronger with holding her head up and doesn't want to lay back in the "baby" position instead she wants to be a big girl and hold her head up. She is doing a great job although it makes taking pictures difficult now as she is always curling up her abs to pull her head up so you have to click fast... But, as you can see she is VERY comfortable in the loving arms of big brother and enjoys his antics to make her smile and laugh.

Check out my mary janes! Aren't they adorable... on the top they have sparkles in a crown shape and on the bottom they say "future heiress" (compliments of our beloved Big Sarah!)


Jenn said...

I'm just in love with her and haven't even met her yet, that smile just melts my heart. Maybe someday we'll get to see you guys in person again, its been too long.


Unknown said...

That picture of Aidan and Alayna is absolutely adorable! That's one for the scrapbook for sure! :)