Friday, February 13, 2009

No stopping me...

Alayna had a great physical therapy session again yesterday. Aidan got to come and participate as he was out of school for parent teacher conferences. She is really lifting her head up and holding it up for a few minutes before having to take a rest. Erin worked with her a lot and Alayna just kept on working and showing off her stuff.

She did some great stuff like pushing with her legs (bearing weight), pulling with her arms as though she wants to lift up, crunching up with her abs, bringing her hands in and bringing things to her mouth (that yummy thumb-y makes it in there lots) and she is able to maintain her head in an upright position when held in the air on her tummy. It is so amazing to watch her mastering skills that she couldn't do just a week ago.

When we carry her now she is always holding her head up instead of resting it on our shoulder.

After we showed Aidan around Alayna's school (which he thought was pretty cool), we all went to Aidan's school for his kindergarten conference. He is doing amazingly well and has the greatest teacher (who Aidan has a big crush on~on her birthday he got up at 6:30am and got dressed picking out his argyle sweater to look super dashing for her). He is reading well, writing great sentences and has amazed us with his skills this year.

Today, Alayna showed off her rolling technique again by rolling right off my lap. She is a quick one that is for sure. Aidan proudly gave her a sticker and said way to go Alayna! She is also laughing much more. She loves raspberries on her tummy, it is great for some belly laughs.

She hasn't shown any effects from her round of shots this time not sleepy and thankfully her bm's have stayed on track this time. Yahoo! (only a mother would celebrate a baby's daily diaper filling)!

We truly are blessed by our children and are glad you have stopped by to check in on us. Have a great Valentine's weekend! Jason has to work (all those extra special deliveries) then we are going to hang out and spoil the kids for the rest of the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Alayna!!!! You rock little one!!! keep up the good work, I am soooo proud of you.