Monday, February 2, 2009

I love my mommy...

Alayna was watching me as we were singing in church yesterday. The church photographer was sitting behind us and couldn't resist capturing her admiring mommy.

It is amazing how she studies us so intently and then smiles and coos in response. It is SO fun to sit and have a conversation with her. I LOVE my job!

She must be going through another growth spurt, she has been eating like crazy the past 3 days, she has even been up in the night to eat. We go to the pediatrician on the 10th for her 4 month check up and shots. We are taking bets on how much she weighs now! (She was a little over 9 #s when we were there at 2 months). Our guess is around 13#.

We continue to count ourselves blessed that she is so healthy. She hasn't had even as much as a runny nose so far this winter. Praise GOD!


ch said...

Oh my GOODNESS! What a heart melter!!!

Keep munching, Alayna! We'll have to cheer you on from the sidelines...xoxox

Anonymous said...

hi jason rochelle aiden alayna . you have a loverly family bruv pretect and enjoy your live,s big bruv preston and neice kirsty xxxx