Sunday, September 13, 2009

A day at the farm

After a great morning at church and a few hours nap for Alayna we rounded everyone into the car and headed to the Weston Red barn for a family fun day sponsored by the fabulous DSG. Elise and the girls joined us for the adventure.

DSG put on a great afternoon for our families. We signed in and of course, Aidan was hungry (where does he put all that food?) so we headed to enjoy the nice lunch. We ran into several friends we have met over the year and met some new families which was really nice.

After lunch we headed out to join in the games. The kids quickly lined up for carry the egg on the spoon race, the 3 legged race, and the wheelbarrow race (Jason & Aidan came in 1st !) They had great prizes for all who entered so Aidan was sweet to pick out a note pad for himself and a cute stuffed animal for Alayna.

Next, we headed to get the kids faces painted (Aidan opted for his hand), then they were off to jump and bounce down the giant slide.

We all needed a breather so we jumped on the hayride for a nice change of pace. Alayna loved the breeze.
We rounded off the day by visiting the animals on the farm (chickens, sheep, horses, turkeys, and goats).

We were just about to head for the car when we let the kids talk us into the corn maze. They really enjoyed trying to find their way out (with no luck). Have you ever seen the movie Children of the Corn? AHH, don't want to be stuck in there after dark. Thankfully my UPS man has his own GPS in his head and he backtracked us all the way back to the entrance (thanks honey).

We are so thankful for this great community of people that we have been so blessed to become a part of through the DSG and we thank all of you who have joined our Step Up for Down Syndrome team to ensure that this organization can keep providing not only their educational, but also their fun and celebratory activities to it's members.

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