Sunday, September 20, 2009

First grade funny. "Would you like beer with your chicken nuggets and fries?"

Aidan has been asking for me to come and have lunch with him at school since school began in August. This week he came home and said, "Mom, the school even serves beer to those parents that come to eat with their kids, one of the girls in my class had her mom come and she was drinking beer for lunch."

Now me being a retired principal I knew better than a school serving beer. But, I thought this road is too fun to not go down so I delved into this a bit more...I wondered if someone truly brought their own beer, if the school had something that looked like beer or if they truly were trying to get more parent involvement and added beer to the lunchroom menu (just think of all the dads who would be volunteering)!

After a long conversation (and trust me Aidan didn't want to give up that it was beer for a long time). We finally came to the conclusion that it was ginger ale (or something else that looked brownish like a beer).

To make matters even funnier, Jason took Thursday off to spend some time with Alayna and he went up to the school to surprise Aidan for lunch. To his dismay he couldn't find the beer line anywhere (although his English accent scored him a carton of milk, I tell ya that guy gets more freebies with that accent!)

Case solved. Aidan is one good detective.


This week has been another good week. Alayna is starting to move forward (on her belly) now. She is not as fast that direction as she is backwards yet though but, we know it is only a matter of time.

Here is a shot of Aidan at the game yesterday. He is having so much fun playing soccer. He scored 1 goal but, had 3 nearly make it in shots. It is really fun to watch them improve each week.


Lacey said...

Oh you are LC's Alaina. Its nice to meet you.

ch said...

Too bad about the confusion...Justin was absolutely ready to participate in a rent-a-first-grader-for-lunch program.

Darn it.