Friday, September 4, 2009

Snuggle time...

This morning, a little after 6, I could hear Alayna in her crib just singing away. She wasn't really ready to get up but, rather just playing and entertaining herself (I was good to stay in bed a little longer).

Not too long afterwards I heard the pitter patter of big feet and then saw Aidan hovering over me. He said, "Mom, she is SO smart she turned on her music all by herself and is just in her crib laughing about it!" The next thing I hear is Aidan and Alayna having a long conversation...he had joined her in her crib and they were snuggling away.

It was a great way to start the day. I do so thank God for my many blessings, especially my children!

Alayna is so proud that she can pull herself up to standing now (you should see the giant grin on her face each time she pulls up). It is her favorite activity...she will make you do it again and again and again...she is responding to sign language by me making the "more" sign and she will pull herself up again.
She is also saying mamama (although not in reference to me. I will take it as I have heard dadada for months now)!

I also caught her on her hands and knees rocking back and forth today for the first time. Even thought she didn't last in that position very long (I ran to get the camera but, she was already back on her tummy), I was pretty excited that she did it all by herself.

Aidan is enjoying school and even got an award from his computer teacher this week for being a great role model. YEAH Aidan! He is reading well and is enjoying getting new books from the library all the time. His favorite this week is the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis (the kids version) we took turns reading pages and I was amazed at how well he is doing sounding out the hard words.

I am getting the chance to volunteer in his classroom once a month starting next week (Thanks to Grandma or Amy keeping Alayna for me!) I spent quite a bit of time in his kindergarten room and enjoyed working on reading and math skills with his class. I guess it is a good way for me to use my education degrees and spend time with him. Aidan is really looking forward to me being there, he keeps saying, "Can you come in today?" I am sure in a few years he won't be wanting me to come in so I better get my time in now while I can!

Oh, one more thing... Alayna says, have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!


Ellen said...

Hi! It is nice to meet you. I am mom to Max, who's 6 and has cerebral palsy from a stroke at birth. Alayna is SO adorable!!!!

K D said...

Sooo sweeet. Those two kids are so sweet together!