Friday, September 25, 2009

Play date

Alayna was super excited today as her friends from baby class (& moms) came over for a play date. She got up early, did her morning exercises (She showed me that she can now sit up all by herself YAHOO!), got Aidan off to school then she settled in for a good morning nap before her friends arrived this afternoon.

LC, Eli, & Ian arrived and the fun began. All 4 kids were in good moods and enjoyed playing together and the moms got in some great mom time!

Usually Alayna loves watching Agnes (Ian's beautiful mommy) but, not today she had her eye on that handsome Eli! She shared a book with him and even a few smoochies (sorry Kim I am sure Eli was soaked by the time Alayna got done drooling on him!)

When Alayna was done drooling on Eli she turned her admiration toward LC's amazing mommy, Courtney. (Come here and let me give you a little smoochie!)

After all that playing everyone was worn out. Do these two look like they are ready for a nap or what?

Alayna went straight up to bed for a nice nap.
Thanks friends for making our day so much fun. Come back soon!

Alayna & LC "party animals"

OH, they are so cute I can just squeeze them and squeeze them...

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Beverly said...

looks like a fun play date. love the photos!