Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Monday was a bad country song...

You know the type of song I am talking about. My wife ran away, my dog died, my life stinks, blah, blah, blah. If I could play guitar I am sure I could write a song that would play forever in some run down honky tonk. Ok everyone would have to be really inebriated but, it would still play.

Well none of those things really happened but, I can tell you that after a contact dilemma for me, the bus breaking down stranding Aidan outside in the frigid morning, Jason returning home because he forgot his snow boots for work then calling 30 minutes later to say that his job was in jeopardy (oh trust me still having a job #1 on my thankful list this week!).

Let me tell you I thought we were living in a bad country song.

Until (and thankfully there is always that UNTIL), our Speech therapist showed up at the door with a present for Alayna. (Sorry no pictures). Alayna carefully unwrapped the beautiful gold package and stared at a brand new IPad! Of course, she wasn't excited until later when we got it out and showed her a few abc videos.

Our ST and OT had written a grant to get an IPad donated for Alayna. I was speechless and quickly melted into a pool of tears.

I can't express my gratitude to these two ladies who took it upon themselves to bless us beyond measure with something we no way could afford but, will be such a great learning tool for Alayna.

I have to share that as Jason was worried sick about his job he went into a place and looked up and read a poster that said, "Hey this is God, don't stress or worry I am going to take care of you, just leave it all to me."

So that is what we do, we trust God in the big and in the small and we are grateful for it all.

As Third Day sings,

You came and whispered love to me
You gave me strength to carry on
The Sun is Shining
There is hope for me again
A new day's dawning.
The Sun is Shining...

I have told you all this so you may have peace in me. Here on Earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But, take heart because I have overcome the world. Jn 16:33

*If you have an IPad and know any great apps for Alayna please leave us a comment and let us know.


ch said...

Congrats on the new iPad! We'll be thinking of Jason and hoping all works out in your family's favor!

Elisabeth said...

I am in tears just hearing about how Alayna's ST was able to get her an ipad. What a wonderful gift to her and to you!

Praise the Lord that your hubby still has his job! I will be praying that he keeps it, and that God fills your hearts with peace in this season.

Heather said...

Well,what a beautiful end to any otherwise trying day.A gift beyond words.Truly.

I love Third Day.Amazing group.

As for apps.Go to my blog,scroll to Gavin Owens.They just adopted a special needs little love after losing their beautiful boy.They too received an iPad as a gift and she listed a few apps in a recent post ... I think!

Runningmama said...

I would love to see how the ipad ends up working for Alayna and what she is able to learn, it might be something I should consider for Emily when she gets a little older :-) I hope everything is OK with your husbands job!

MJStump said...

How awesome that so many people love Alayna and even wrote to have a grant to get her an iPad!

So sorry that your day had started out with a bad country song, but sure sounds like it ended with a happy little diddy for you all!

Sending prayers for Jason's job,

K D said...

awesome ending to your day! your title had me concerned!

K D said...

i just sent you a forward of an email i wrote with some apps. i think the kindergarten.com ones were free in feb last year so you might wait on those. they are excellent though!

Kelly said...

Well, as I was reading this....I was so thankful for that UNTIL!!!! I hope that all goes well with Jason's job........Scott & I were at that same place during my last big blog break!! VERY STRESSFUL:(

As for Misss Alayna (and her WONDERFUL & THOUGHTFUL) therapists......ENJOY that new gift of yours!! Landon's therapists have been using the ipad with Landon since last summer......HE LOVES IT!!! Landon is the proud owner of an iPAD too!! Yes, @ 19 months old (4 months ago).......I believe he is the youngest in the house to own the most expensive electronic.....LOL!!

I do have to say, Landon's signing increased greatly once he started using it. He has a great isolated pointer and his hand/eye coordination has improved too!! I will send you a list of apps that Landon really enjoys!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! THAT is so sweet!!! I bet she is thoroughly enjoying her new present:)

Heather, Rick, and Tendai! said...

I have an IPOD app, but i think it has an IPAD version as well, called SoundTouch. It shows drawings of different things (ie.. cow) and when you touch the drawing, a photo appears, along with a sound. For each drawing there are at least three photos and sounds of that item. And there are several categories of items... around the house, vehicles, birds, wild animals, farm animals, musical instruments. My two year old is fascinated with it, and all you have to do is touch so its pretty easy to learn. fs

Anonymous said...

could you put me in contact with your OT and ST as I would like to look into an I Pad for several families that I work with. Thanks
Denise Lasky, LCSW/New York my email is makeitso5@optonline.net