Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings - Unknown Author

Happy 2011, here are a few thankfuls!

~Orphans no more - 30+ kids from Reece's Rainbow were added to the "my family found me" category over the Christmas holidays, our friends, Jenny & Cameron received their travel date, March 7th to fly to Ethiopia for court to finalize their adoption of their sweet JoLeigh, and our friends at church are adding two new boys to their family this week via foster care. Please continue to pray for the orphans of this world (especially our little Elizabeth who we added to our prayers this week).

~Our dear friends, the Bartelts gave their kids Christmas money to donate to the needy. Their kids each chose 2 kids on RR to donate to. Talk about an eye watering moment when a cherubic little 6 year old tells you how he used his money to save an orphan! God love him & this family! Their 9 year old daughter has already raised enough money via the Global orphan project to build an orphanage in Haiti. They also took the information about RR and shared it at their Christmas family gathering. They rock!

~A few extra days of Christmas break - Most kids went back to school on Monday but, Aidan's district didn't start until Wednesday. We have had a great time together this break. The giggles have been nonstop. Aidan decided on his last day home he was going to dress up as a knight and protect the princess! Very cute.

~Operation underpants continues to be a success - We braved a couple play dates and church in big girls and the princess did not disappoint!

~Jason is back on his normal route which means he is home to have dinner with the family!

Please share a blessing or two from your week...


Lacey said...

How great are those kids?!
This week I'd have to say I'm glad my kids are back in school! They drove me nuts this holiday!

Elisabeth said...

It's so neat to see how much Aidan loves playing with his little sister!

This week, I am so thankful that Wesley started eating non-baby food for me!