Monday, January 10, 2011


Aidan was thrilled to get our first snow of the season and woke up to a SNOW DAY!!!! He couldn't wait to get the snow gear on and make his way outside.

Alayna was rather unimpressed with the length of time it took me to get her stuffed into her snow gear. She literally stood up, balanced for 30 seconds and fell over! She had a tiny cut on her lip where one of her teeth hit it but, after a few seconds she was fine.

She reminded me of Randy (Ralphie's little brother) on a Christmas Story..."I can't get up, I can't get up" & "I can't put my arms down".

Thankfully, she was much happier when we actually made it outside to play.

She and Aidan made snow angels, tasted the snow (it wasn't yellow I checked), and then he pulled her all around the yard in the sled.
Her biggest giggles were when I put the camera down and pulled them both on the sled together. I think she was just laughing at my huffing and puffing dragging over 80 pounds of kids around the yard.

We are supposed to get more snow tonight so who knows maybe we will wake up and repeat this tomorrow!

And now we interrupt your normal scheduled snow day report with a bit of cuteness ...
(Daddy picked out Alayna's outfit for church yesterday, even the baby legs to match)! Yeah Daddy!


Ria said...

LOL! I cracked up about the huffing and puffing dragging 80 lbs of kids, not to mention snow drag. Kudos to you though! I think I'd end up face down on the snow if I tried that. LOL! I love her outfit! So cute! And Aidan always makes me smile. Such a great big brother!

Kelly said...

LOL.....I remember the scene well!! And I am picturing it as I look at the photo of Alayna (and Landon, when I have him bundled too)!! It's often the joke in our house too, my husband thinks I go "bundle" crazy:)

I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing the sibling LOVE shared between Aidan & Alayna......always puts a smile on my face!!

Elisabeth said...

I love your reference to the Christmas Story! Wesley did the same thing when we bundled him up last month. I couldn't stop laughing even as he was on the floor, stuck.

What fun to have a snow day today. I'm glad you guys got out and enjoyed it!

Lori said...

Sounds like a great snow day! We are expecting our share of the white stuff tomorrow nite and Wednesday -- hopefully we will get a fun day as well! =)

Oh - and nice work, Dad, on picking out a matching outfit (or any outfit for that matter) for church.

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness...such fun!!! Love the photos. Daddy did well with the outfit!

Stephanie said...

That's our snow!!!! Move it along this way!!!
em has a smashing new snow suite handed down from Anna Banana, and I can't wait for her to wear it.

Thumbs up on the outfit by Dad!!! I'm impressed!!!

Erin said...

I love snow days! I love bundling the kids and going outside, they look so cute all warm and cozy. Love Alayna's outfit, she's such a beauty.

Lacey said...

LOL, Jax has those same baby legs! I took Arina's coat back to the store because she seriously couldn't get her arms down!!

K D said...

So cute!