Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Gratitude helps you grow and expand;
gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and
into the lives of all those around you.
~Eileen Caddy

~Jason bid a new route this week, which is 2 minutes from our house and he got it! Starting next week he will be so much closer to home! Can't wait for warmer weather to go meet daddy for lunch dates!

~Another play day with Aidan - SNOW DAY!!!!

~Nobody else in the house caught Alayna's little stomach bug that she had earlier in the week. Thankfully it was quick and didn't bother her too much.

~I am starting to see more preschool type learning from Alayna. For example, she has sight read the word "dog" several times in different formats with no pictures just the word (Go Dog Go is one of her favorite books right now), she is adding in the number 5 & 10 when we are counting, is starting to recognize colors and is adding in more words on finger play songs and letters in the abc song. I am thankful for her continued steady progress in learning (now if we could only get her up walking ALL the time!)

~Aidan continues to soar in piano. He finished the first book in his piano class this week. He continues to amaze me with his natural musical talent. He sat down and learned the last blues song just by listening to the CD (I can't even play it yet).

Hope you are having a great week, what are you thankful for?


Elisabeth said...

I love hearing about Aidan's piano accomplishments! I hope he keeps with it! Playing the piano is one of my joys, and I am still holding out hope that one of my boys will have an interested in learning.

And, way to go Alayna with all the new words!

Kelly said...

Wow!! Those are some fabulous "thankfuls"!! Yay Aidan, on the piano.....keep up the good work:) And hooray! for Alayna on her sight words, numbers & colors.....Go Alayna Go!!!!!

Denise said...

I have to tell you that sometime during the night (Ella woke up a couple times because she is stuffy), I remember thinking that I hadn't commented in your blog in a while. Don't know why, just haven't. And then first thing this morning, I see a post from you :) So, I just wanted to let you know that you were thought of all the way in CA in the middle of the night (I must have felt guilty, huh?). Anyway, amazing job by Alayna with her talking and counting. No worries on the walking (Ella didn't do it until almost 2 1/2) and obviously Alayna is excelling in the communication department and can't do everything well at once :)

Heather said...

Lots of wonderful thankfulness going on in your house!

Husband 2 minutes way ... so jealous.Mine is an hour and a half!No lunch dates for us.

Alayna ... wow,is she taking off or what.Amazing to see what these little ones are doing.I love reading up on all of little friends milestones reached and emerging.

Joe is like Aidan.A natural at the piano.i am amazed.More so probably than you as I am so very NOT,musically inclined!

Happy thankful Thursday to you!

Lori said...

Those are some great thankfuls! You must be one proud mama =)
And - I am ever so jealous of your hubby being only 2 min. away - while mine travels out of town M-Th each week. But--- we are so very thankful that he has, not just a job, but a good job that is pretty secure in this unstable economy.
Enjoy your snow day!

Patti said...

I'm thankful for getting to hear your beautiful midwest twang last week;)

Erin said...

Wonderful! Definitely all things to be thankful for!

Lacey said...

Oh having daddy close will be so nice! I'm thankful my hubby has Fridays off so he can come with me tomorrow to get Arina's social security card. Ha ha!

patsy said...

alayna is a DOLL! look forward to following you :)

EN said...

Go Alayna - you've been working hard, girlfriend! And Aidan, I took 9 years of piano lessons and I can't even come close to your natural inclination, Buddy. You guys are rocking and rolling this week! We're thankful to have Daddy back from his business trip. It's too quiet without him.