Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh no, one fell right out of the starting blocks

School started well for all three kids.
Except Dariya woke up Sunday morning at 4am with sinus stuff and wouldn't go back to sleep.  By Sunday night she was really stuffed up but not running a fever and again was up in the middle of the night.  She went to her second day of school on Monday and was happy as a clam when she returned on the bus then like a Mack truck hit her she was DOWN!

We walked into the house and she wouldn't eat lunch (ok she is really sick).  She went and laid down on the ottoman in the living room and tried to sooth herself to sleep.  I tried to get her to eat but quickly gave up and  put her down for a nap.  When she woke up she was running a fever although not a high one so I still thought it was just a sinus infection. By Tuesday her sinus stuff was worse, she was getting her typical sickie rash on her face and her fever was running around 103°, which I knew meant strep.

Off to urgent care we went and sure enough it was strep AND a sinus infection.  We are so thankful for antibiotics after just two doses she is already way better but, was super sad to miss her 3rd day of school.

As I spent many hours rocking her and staring into her beautiful blue eyes in the middle of the night lately, I couldn't help but to remember not long ago this little princess didn't have anyone to comfort her or sing her songs to make her feel better.   It still makes my heart sad that for 3 1/2 years she was on her own.

There are still SO many orphans out there that don't have anyone to snuggle them, please continue to pray, advocate and donate to Reece's Rainbow or other orphan advocacy groups.

Thankful for God placing her in our family and for great medicines that do the trick!
Hurry back to health sweet Dariya!


Stephanie said...

Oh feel better baby!! And that last pic of her is my current favorite!!!!

rosedel said...

Poor little pumpkin. I'm so glad she has you to rock her and help her feel better.

Becca said...

Love, love, love her. Hope she's feeling better soon, and is ready to head back to school tomorrow!! And I'm so happy she's got you to be her mommy, to care for her during times like these. Lucky, lucky girl.

Kim said...

Feel better soon sweet girl!

EVELYN said...

She is so blessed to have you for a mom! She probably doesn't ever remember life being any different than it is now. Thank goodness! Like you I wish all children had loving mommys and daddys!