Friday, August 17, 2012

What, Summer is over?

We have had such a fun summer together.  The girls have done really well listening at the pool and at parks which made life so much better for Aidan and I.  I feared we would be stuck at home in the fenced in backyard due to one little Ukrainian who likes to wander.  I worried that Aidan would have no fun at all.

Boy was I wrong.  They played hard all summer, enjoyed the grass between their toes and the water splashing in their faces, playing together and with friends.

The weather is getting cooler (thank you God!), the pools are closed during the day and the school supplies are bought.   I guess it is that time again for everyone to head back to school.
This was taken minutes after getting them dressed and ready to walk out the door for the day!

They are all anxious to get back to school next week.  Aidan starts Wednesday and the girls start Friday.  I can tell they are ready as the last few weeks they have all been grumpy and the girls are into mischief often.  I think they are bored with being at home and ready to see their friends (and Ms. Juanita!)

She was giggling at first!
I had hoped Dariya's potty training would hit high gear this summer and she would be going back to school sporting panties instead of pull ups but, she isn't quite there yet.  She has been in panties at home and has gone many days without an accident but has also had many days with numerous accidents.  So we will forge on and pray for drier days ahead.

I am still under the belief that kids will potty train when they are ready and there isn't any reason to push them any faster.  We want her to work her way through every developmental stage that she has missed living in an institution for 3 1/2 years.

Trust me she knows how the toilet works...she and her little sister, flushed 3 monster trucks in one day.  Good thing I have a "Jason of all trades" who stayed up past 11pm taking the toilet apart to retrieve Dariya and the monster trucks. (Please note: no preschoolers were harmed in the fixing of said toilet!)

Good luck teachers, watch out the Cannon chaos are coming your way soon!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the giggles!!! As always!!!
We still have a couple of weeks left before we have to put summer away. So bittersweet!!!

Becca said...

LOVE those pics!! Just what I needed this morning!!

I'm sad that summer is over, too. It's been a good one, that's for sure. And about the potty training - yep, when they're ready. Samantha decided on her own terms to become totally, fully trained day and night, literally overnight. Her decision. Dariya *will* get there. :-)

NB said...

piano pic....PRICELESS!!!! im so behind on so many things, but your blog is such a sweet delight whenever i get over here! :) great job documenting life and love, mama ...and thanks for your inspiration and encouragement this summer! ;)