Thursday, August 30, 2012

The one time mama trumps daddy

I knew it wasn't good when Alayna got off Jason's lap this morning and came to me, not once but twice.  She is a TOTAL daddy's girl and anytime he is home you can find her either on his lap or close by him.  However, there is one time when I can assure you she ALWAYS come to mama...It can only mean one thing...she is sick too!

Bartender can I have another round of antibiotics please?  Strep it is...

Her pediatrician was out today so we went to our urgent care and it took a couple hours, after waiting for so long and then waiting for her meds she was all worn out.  Hoping after nap she is feeling a bit better.

Thankfully Dariya is sleeping better and is feeling much better.

Now off to obliterate, fumigate, eradicate, demolish, eliminate, squash, stamp out, bleach the house, clean like crazy so none of the rest of us catch strep.
P.S.  Our chunky monkey Ukrainian has put on 10 pounds (38.5 #) since coming home and is more than 6 inches taller and little bit is still holding steady at 29# although she has gained several inches since her check up in October!


Becca said...

Awwwww, poor little thing!!! :-( Hope the meds kick in super-quick!! Too funny about her coming to you when she's sick... LOL Mommies always make things better. :-)

EN said...

Hope your beautiful girls both feel better soon!

Jill said...

Sorry to hear the girls are both sick. Hope they are both feeling better asap - and that none of the rest of you get it!

And way to go Dariya on growing so much!!!

Molly said...

Well, she can't get her daddy sick! I hope Alayna is starting to feel better. It sounds like Dariya is growing like crazy... awesome!