Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cough, sniffle, cough, cough

We had been so fortunate that none of us had been sick this school year.  Not a cold, flu or the yukky virus' that have been making their rounds in all the schools.
When your mom is bald she has loads of fun hats to try on!!!
Last weekend Alayna started running a low grade fever, was lethargic and had a cough.  She couldn't sleep well for all the stuffiness that comes with having a cold.  Thankfully the kids were off school on Monday for MLK day to give her an extra day to pass off her germs onto Dariya get better.  Both girls attended school on Wednesday and although they weren't running fevers they just weren't themselves.  Alayna was so worn out she napped all afternoon then went back to bed at 6:30 and slept all night.

Today is the first day that Alayna asked to play and she was happy all morning.  She isn't as stuffed up anymore so is sleeping better at night.

Now big sister is a stopped up mess.  Bless Dariya's heart she has no fever but just the stuffy nose and cough of a cold.  She is so stopped up I can hardly understand her when she talks.

Hoping the cold stops with the two of them and that they both bounce back quickly.  Off to Lysol the house as my mother in law is coming Saturday from England for 2 weeks, sure don't want to greet her and hand off their colds.

Update on Dariya:  We have a final confirmation on Dariya being able to stay in preK next year.  Thank you for all the prayers for the conference last week and her team.  We are very pleased that she will be able to remain with her team for one more year allowing her to be better prepared for kindergarten in 2014.


Becca said...

Oh, yuck, I feel your pain on so many counts here...Sammi is now starting to get stuffed up and has been sleeping *horribly* the last 2 nights, and we also have my in-laws coming from England for 10 days in March, over Spring Break! Working on the house now...LOL

Hope everyone feels better soon, and good luck with the visitors!

Becca said...

Oh yeah, and GREAT news about Dariya and school!! Hooray!!

Jill said...

Great to hear about Dariya's placement for next year! Yay!

Sorry the girls are battling colds. Praying YOU stay healthy. Enjoy your time with Jason's family visiting. I can't remember, is the first time they've been there since right before you left to get Dariya? I remember that was when I first started following your blog - when I knew we would be traveling at the same time. :-)