Thursday, January 17, 2013

Great conference

We are thankful for all the prayers that were sent our way today.  Dariya's conference went awesome.  We talked about all the options for placement and the positive and negatives to each.

We haven't finalized the decision about placement for next year with an IEP yet.  But, there was definite consensus from the whole team that she would benefit from another year in the early childhood setting.  Since it isn't a typical thing to retain in preschool the powers that be have to discuss the placement and will get back with us.

We are blessed with a great team, who really went to bat for Dariya and are thankful that they are interested in seeking what is best for her, taking into account her 3 1/2 years of institutionalism.

Now if I can only get through a conference using the word institutionalism without crying that would be helpful.  Oh my, I had no idea how much just talking about Dariya's life before our family would bring back so many raw emotions for me.

I do so love that blue eyed girl!


Becca said...

That's fantastic news!! She'll surely benefit from another year of catch-up time. :-) I'm so glad you have such a good team behind you.

Elisabeth said...

What wonderful news! And what a blessing to have such a great team to work with that has Dariya's best interests in mind when making decisions.