Saturday, January 26, 2013

Painting Valentines

Jason and Aidan headed out early this morning to drive to Bentonville, AR to pick up Jason's mother who is in the country for a couple months and will be staying with us for a couple weeks.

As the girls are almost over their colds I thought we would stay in and not venture out.  We opted for a little Valentine painting before a much needed bath time.  Not sure if there was more paint on the girls or the Valentines.  Either way it was lots of fun watching them be creative.

Dariya decided to paint a little then had the classic idea to paint her hands and use them for blotting on the Valentine.  I think she misunderstood my lesson on self portraits.

While Alayna went Goya's Black paintings route... hmmm I think I should be worried.  

I seriously tried to talk her out of using black but she insisted. 

She came around and eventually added some red and blue.   
Those are classic Valentine colors right?
A bubble bath to take away the residual paint and we were back in business.

A fun Saturday morning was had by all....

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Kim said...

They are getting so big!