Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to school

Last week we had our back to school nights for the kids.  Aidan begins 5th grade tomorrow morning and the girls begin preK on Tuesday.  The girls will be going every day all afternoon this year in preparation for kindergarten next year.

Aidan was excited to meet his teacher for his last year of elementary school (sniff, sniff).  She sounds like she will be a perfect fit for him and keep him enjoying learning while motivating him to excel even further.

Friday night we had the girls welcome back night at Pre K.  They napped to be sure they were ready for the big adventure.
They could hardly contain themselves as we pulled into the school parking lot.  When Alayna spotted Ms. Juanita she took off towards her like Flo Jo sprinting for the finish line.  I truly have NEVER seen Alayna run so fast.  Both girls have missed school and their teachers and are so excited to start on Tuesday.

Alayna continued to run around like a crazy girl the whole time we were there while Dariya sat right down where circle time usually is held and was ready to begin the day's lesson. Haha.

Praying for super successful years for all three!

Thanks teachers for loving our kids and helping them grow and learn.

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Jill said...

Hope everything went great today for Aidan! I'm sure the girls will do wonderfully tomorrow. Get a nap in, Mama. :-) Hope you are feeling ok.