Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Post surgery opthalmology

Alayna had her follow up appointment with her ophthalmologist today.

Her eye is straight and very much in line now after surgery.  The doctor was very pleased with the surgery outcome.  However, Alayna is still favoring her right eye, albeit slightly over her left so we must continue with the dreaded patching everyday.  She has gotten out of the routine with our beach trip and all but refused to wear the patch last week for my mom while I had treatment.

Thankfully Alayna starts school next week and is usually very good about leaving the patch on during school hours which is plenty of time each day for her to wear it.

We will follow up with both girls at the end of October for their yearly vision checks.  Dariya's poor glasses are so out of shape they hardly fit her anymore.  Hopefully by then Alayna's brain will kick in and recognize that left eye so we can stop patching!


Becca said...

Glad everything looks good after her surgery - I'm everything will catch up soon enough. Wow, school starts so early for so many people!! Good luck to your girls next week!

Becca said...
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