Monday, August 5, 2013

Beach Bums

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL vacation in Gulf Shores.  We loved being beach bums.

We met another RR family, the Simpsons in Memphis on the way down and spent the afternoon with their family.  What a joy it is to meet in real life!  Kim is sweet, funny, and super talented, check out her awesome Etsy store here.
Alayna was swooned by Jack immediately, they were pretty cute to watch.
I hope Jack is free for Prom in a few years!
The next morning we were heading down through Mississippi when another RR friend posted on FB that she was driving across MS.  I sent her a message and amazing enough God had placed us each 30 miles outside of Meridian.  We met and were able to visit for a little while before getting back on the road.  I was so thankful for this sweet blessing!  Renee is one of those people that were on my bucket list to meet.  Not only is she the sweetest southern girl you ever would meet but, her hubby Steve is awesome too.  They are currently adopting again and she is selling the most fabulous toffee ever, check out her blog here to order. It is seriously the best treat I have eaten!

The Tam and Cannon kids

Once we arrived at the beach you couldn't pull us off of it for anything.  Well, we did come off to sleep and go on a dolphin cruise but, other than that we lived on the beach.  We had great weather except for some rain on Thursday.  We ended our vacation by coming back through Little Rock and staying with Jason's sister. Saturday night we met several friends at a restaurant and were able to show off our kids and catch up.

I truly didn't want to come back.  Here are a few of the over 300 pics I took from the week.

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Jill said...

Wow!!! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I'm so very glad for you!!! You look great as does everyone. So very fun. Yay!!!