Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July from us to you....
On Friday, Alayna just wasn't her normal happy go lucky self. I could hardly get a smile out of her all day, in fact. After dinner I noticed her head was feeling warm so I took her temperature and she was running a fever (first fever in almost 9 months!).
I thought it could be that tooth she is working so hard to get in but, it was higher than a low grade fever. She ran a fever all yesterday and was just slumpy all day so we didn't venture out for fireworks. I tried to get a picture of she & Aidan in their flag shirts early in the day and she let me know she wasn't up for pictures. I set her on Aidan and she immediately started to cry. However, by last night she was feeling better and let me catch a few good shots of them smiling together.

Jason, the ever calm parent when our children are ill or hurt (she says sarcastically) wanted to rush her to the ER (bless him he is a great dad). Needless to say I talked some sense into him and we just gave her the motrin and let the fever run its course.
Looks like we will miss our friends at baby class tomorrow as she won't be 24 hours without a fever.

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