Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh come in already...

I am begging for Alayna's sweet little teeth (yes, that is plural) 2 little white caps are bearing in on the bottom but, the little buggers just won't come in!

She doesn't seem much worse for the wear except she is chewing on everyone (not everything). Today we stopped by to see Uncle Ed & Aunt Jane (Aunt Jane "the Queen of Spoiling" made autograph scrapbooks for the kids to take to Disney! Thanks Jane!) Alayna chewed on poor Uncle Ed the whole time we were there. When we arrived home she chewed on Aidan for a good 5 minutes before moving on to me...

Today at lunch Alayna was fussing even at mangoes (now this girl doesn't fuss ESPECIALLY at mealtime). Then at dinner she cried again at everything except cold applesauce. You know us Cannons we are not picky eaters so for someone to be fussing during a meal time in our house it must be some serious tooth business.

Overall, she is doing well with the whole teething process, we just wish the only one playing peekaboo in our house was Alayna not her teeth.

I have to say though I love her gummy smile and will miss it when the teeth finally arrive. Guess I should get out the camera and take more pictures!

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K D said...

boo! for teething!

I hope they come out and STAY out soon!!