Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekly highlights

We have had a great weekend...on Saturday, Aidan tried out for the UPWARD soccer team. He will begin practicing and having games in August. He was SO excited when he finished his tryout and wanted the season to begin immediately. He looks so cute in his little cleats and shin guards. (Will post pics in August when he gets his full kit).

Yesterday, our church kicked off the VBS program with a super fun carnival and the opening night of VBS. Jason is leading one of the kindergarten crews and I am co-teaching the Bible story to the preschoolers (my dear friend, Courtney is taking turns with me...bless her so I don't have to be at the church 5 nights in a row with Alayna). My girl is definitely scheduled and likes to be asleep in bed by 7 pm.

Today we had baby class which was fun. In music class, we played the drums and rain makers then we went to speech class and worked on oral motor skills then for OT we got to get into the pool and swim around (Alayna loved floating around on her back she is such a water baby!)

The highlight of the week for Alayna is that her legs have finally gotten long enough that she can get her sweet little toes in her mouth. Oh, the simple pleasures of life.
She is getting really good at her pincher grasp and is able to pick up cheerios and puffs and self feed. She is pretty proud of herself once she gets one in her mouth she looks at you and waits with anticipation for her applause. Oh what a ham (she gets that from her daddy!)

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