Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tooth update

Oh boy, we are SO excited at our household (ok, maybe the 6 year old is excited enough for all of us).

Today while we were grabbing a few items at
Wal Mart, Aidan wiggled his tooth right out...He was EXCSTATIC!!! to say the least. For the next hour we heard the play by play of how he got it to come out, how strange it feels, and he is so glad to finally have lost his tooth like his cousin and friends.

He who told me early in the summer we were NOT having a tooth competition as it isn't nice to put brother and sister up against each other (good point son) today happily announced, "I WIN". I reminded him it wasn't a competition but, there was no convincing him of that. Of course, I didn't inform him that Alayna's tooth has been playing peek a boo for a couple weeks, it comes to the gum line then goes back under. I know that if she would have had hers in first it would NOT have been a competition!

He, of course, doesn't believe in the tooth fairy but he thought he would like the money for spending in Florida next week so he thought he would try it out and put his tooth under his pillow. He has a silver tooth box that was given to him when he was born by a dear friend, Linda Willis (one of my teachers in Arkansas). He asked me to ask the tooth fairy if we could keep the tooth and put it in the box and still get the money. I assured him that the tooth fairy probably could work out something. HA!

It was a beautiful day here ...near 80! We spent most of the day outside and even set up the bounce house for Aidan and his buddies to bounce off some energy. The video was taken this evening after we put the bounce house up....Daddy and Alayna were enjoying the nice weather and the crinkly tarp!

Jason & I celebrated our 8th anniversary this week! I am truly blessed by a great husband! (Don't tell him I said so as his head will swell!)

We survived VBS this week. We all really had a great time at Crocodile Dock but, we are very tired!

We are going to use this next week to rest up for our trip to Disney next Saturday. Aidan has been packing for months now (I guess I should go and see what is in his carry on...probably everything AND the kitchen sink.)

Update: When Aidan got up on Sunday morning and found money and a sweet note from the tooth fairy he said, "WOW I didn't believe in the tooth fairy but, now I do that is pretty cool she brought me money. I think I will try that with all my teeth" Super cute!


K D said...

Yay for Aidan although my money was on Alayna :( :)

Looks like you had a super fun day.

I am excited for your trip! Take lots of pictures!

Jenn said...

Congrats to Aidan on being the 'winner'. LOVE the video of Daddy and Alayna, her big beautiful smile always brightens my day:)